RC transfer: How to transfer Two-wheeler ownership in Delhi?

Transferring ownership of a two-wheeler in Delhi involves several steps to ensure a smooth process. First, gather all necessary documents including the original RC, Form 29 and 30 (duly filled and signed), valid insurance certificate, Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate, and address proof. With these in hand, visit the nearest Regional Transport Office (RTO) or Additional Regional Transport Office (ARTO) in Delhi. Submit the documents along with the filled application form for ownership transfer and pay the applicable fees, covering transfer charges and any pending road tax. It's essential that both the buyer and seller are present at the RTO for verification and signature verification. Once all documents are verified and approved, the RTO will issue a new RC in the buyer's name, officially completing the transfer of ownership process for the two-wheeler in Delhi.

What documents are required for Bike RC transfer in Delhi ?

List of Documents:

Which documents are required for transfer the vehicle ownership in case of death?

The following documents are required for transfer the vehicle in death case:-
1. As per Rule 56 of Motor Vehicle 1989 , the succession certificate is required.
2. The applicant (nominee) may apply for transfer of vehicle in Form 31 and column 5 clearly mentions that proof of his succession.
3. As per sub section 2(a) of Section 50 “the person succeeding to the possession of the vehicle”
4. The succession certificate is required for transfer of ownership, if applying other than surviving member.
5. The surviving member certificate is required if nominee is applying for transfer of vehicle.
6. The member of family may also submit the NO Objection Certificate in the name of nominee
as names are mention in surviving certificate. The members may appear in person before the registering authority as name mention in the surviving certificate.
7. Death certificate and Form 30 duly fill up by nominee and signed.
8. Self attested copy of valid vehicle insurance.
9. Self attested copy of valid address proof.
10. Original vehicle registration certificate.
11. NOC and Form 35 from financer / Bank, if the vehicle under Hypothecation agreement.
12. Appropriate requisite fee specified in Rule 81 and composite fee if applicable.

What is the cost of RC transfer in Delhi?

Government fee for Ownership transfer for two wheeler: Rs 380/- and for four wheeler: Rs 530/- .

Is RC transfer process online in Delhi? Can we transfer RC online in Delhi?

Yes, you can visit Delhi transport department website for more details.

Is vehicle physically required for RC transfer?


Is it necessary that the registered owner must be available at the time of every transaction of vehicle?

No, only in case where signature differs or in other doubtful cases the registered owner has to appear before the concerned in zonal Transport office. The other person can also represent for transactions in registration, if authorized by the vehicle owner.

What happens if seller does not transfer vehicle ownership?

If, the vehicle is transfer then all the liabilities / action will be frame against the vehicle owner, which record is showing in the govt. record. Supreme court of India has also ruled against sellers who have not transferred their vehicle's ownership.

What happens if buyer does not transfer ownership of vehicle?

The vehicle owner may lodge complaint/FIR at the office of police authority regarding misusing / illegal using the vehicle without right ownership of vehicle and request to seize the vehicle till transfer the vehicle in his name. The register owner may submit the intimation alongwith copy of received complaint letter/ FIR of police authority for action taken, but liability will stand in the name of vehicle owner till transfer of vehicle.

How many days it takes for RC transfer in Delhi?

15 to 45 days.

Can we transfer RC online in Delhi?

Yes, Bike RC transfer online .

Is local address proof mandatory for RC transfer?

For RC transfer in Delhi, it's mandatory to have Delhi address in Aadhar card.

Is virtual RC valid in Delhi?

Yes, you can download the virtual RC in mparivahan app.

Is OTP required for RC transfer in Delhi?

Yes, OTP is required for both buyer and seller. Both will get the OTP twice.

transfer of Ownership in Delhi : General questions

How to fill Form 29 and Form 30 for vehicle transfer in Delhi?

These forms are quite detailed heavy. Even though all the information is present in your RC but you will find it challenging to map the fields with the same name. In case if there are errors, even in one field, you might end up visiting RTO multiple times to cancel this application and start a new application from scretch. Please note that you will not get the money refund for the cancelled application.

Can I ride new Two-wheeler without RC?

Yes you can but it's restricted to few days only.

Can I ride Two-wheeler without RC, when RC is submitted to RTO for ownership transfer?

Yes, you can download the virtual RC in mparivahan app.

Can I use my Two-wheeler in other state?

Yes, you can but before that you need to get the NOC from you respective RTO and then get the new number from the other state RTO.

Is Mparivahan RC valid in Delhi?

Yes, It's valid to carry Mparivahan RC in Delhi.

How can I change my Two-wheeler Colour in RC in Delhi?

You can repaint your Two-wheeler with the new colour but you need approval from the RTO for the colour modification made to your Two-wheeler.

Can DigiLocker RC be used for vehicle transfer?

No, it will not be accepted. If you don't have the physical RC then you need to submit few more documents for the vehicle transfer in Delhi.

Is virtual RC valid?

Yes, It's valid to carry virtual RC but it should be verified by the verified app.

Is it OK to travel without RC book?

Yes, you can but you need to carry a virtual RC.

Can we show RC as a photo?

Yes, you can but it should be coming from the verified app like digilocker or Mparivahan.

Can I drive my father's Two-wheeler?

Yes, if you have valid driving license, you can drive any vehicle. It does not matter who is the registered owner.

What is the use of Form 29?

Form 29 must be used when an individual must inform the RTO about the sale of their vehicle to a third party. Two copies of Form 29 will be required stating that the owner has delivered all of the Two-wheeler's documents to the customer who acquired it

How to check vehicle RC status online?

Please visit Vahan portal for knowing application status .

Please note that the process and requirements may change over time, so it's essential to verify the most up-to-date information from the official state Transport Department website or visit the nearest RTO for any changes in the process, fees, or requirements.

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