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Government process are complex and confusing to say the least. If you have ever visited any government office, you would realize the pain and effort it takes to find the right process, right place, right pricing, and then stand in the queue for hours to get your turn. Additionally, you will have to face the least customer friendly officials who might be too busy to answer your queries.

At Helpplz, we simplify all challenges related to your RTO service. We make efforts to connect you to the best possible RTO agent in the locality. This is done through our high standard scrutiny process. We also ensure that your money is safe and you pay only when you are truly satisfied by the services of the RTO agent. We become your single point of contact during the whole process and provide you with timely updates.

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Local RTO agents do not have a physical business address. They are there one day and may not be there next day.You will always be worried about the reliability of a local agent, if you have not transacted with him/her previously.You do not know the history of the person with whom you are going to transact. You may also be worried about handing over critical documents to an unknown person. On the other have, Helpplz is a brand with complete digital presence and 100+ customer reviews.You can read reviews about our services on online channels like Google Business and Justdial. You can trust us to get the job done.


A RTO agent charges different prices from different customer. They will charge you more if you are inurgent need or have some challenge.The service charges are also not displayed transparently. We act profiessionally. Our charges are fixed and visible on website. You can trust us for the price we offer. We aim to provide the best solution to customers. At times it might mean that we do not get any money from customer. But if it is good for customer, it will always be our priority.


If you would like to connect with an RTO agent, you would visit a local RTO. You might have to find time out of your busy schedule. Take a day or two leave, and then complete the process with hassle. We help you avoid all hassle in RTO services. Your consultation is just a call away at convenience of doorstep.


Discover a world of possibilities with our commitment to affordability. At Helpplz, we believe that quality services should not come at a hefty price. Our dedication to affordability is at the core of everything we do. We strive to provide budget-friendly solutions without compromising on excellence. We promise lowest prices for RTO services.

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Looking for RC/Ownership Transfer: Read more about how to transfer RC online?

Vehicle owners must prioritize the timely and accurate transfer of Registration Certificate (RC) during the sale or purchase of a vehicle. This legal process ensures that the new owner's details are officially recorded, avoiding any future complications related to ownership and liabilities.

Lost your vehicle registeration certificate?: Read about how to get Duplicate RC?

The issuance of a Duplicate RC becomes crucial in case the original document is lost, stolen, or damaged. A duplicate ensures that the vehicle owner maintains legal proof of ownership, essential for various transactions and interactions with law enforcement.

Moving from one state to another and need NOC (No Objection Certificate): Get details on how to get No objection certificate for my vehicle?

Acquiring a No Objection Certificate (NOC) is imperative, especially when relocating to a different state or planning to sell a vehicle. The NOC certifies that there are no pending liabilities or legal issues associated with the vehicle, providing a smooth transfer of ownership.

Attained age of 18 years and seeking a Driving License: Learn more about how to apply for driving license?

Regular renewal and adherence to the validity period of a Driving License are essential for road safety and legal compliance. It ensures that the license holder is up-to-date with the latest traffic rules and regulations, contributing to safer roads for everyone.

Had taken the vehicle on lease/loan?: Find out how to add or remove hypothecation in vehicle RC?

When a vehicle is financed, it often carries a hypothecation, indicating a financial interest from a lender. Once the loan is repaid, it's crucial to terminate this hypothecation to clear the vehicle's title. Failure to do so might lead to complications during a sale or transfer of ownership.