Process for Car NOC (No objection certificate) in India.


What documents are required for getting vehicle NOC in India?

Following documents are required for getting Car NOC in India:

In what scenarios, RTO issues a Car NOC in India?

NOC of the Car if owner is travelling from one state to another state for a period of more than 1 year. In this scenario, owner required to obtain a NOC from the registered Regional Transport Office or RTO.

NOC of the Car if it is purchased by another individual/company who will be taking it to another state. In this scenario, the Car should be transferred in the name of the buyer/company but before that buyer required to obtain a NOC from the registered RTO as buyer will be taking Car to another state. New RTO will register the Car in the name of the buyer by giving the new Car number.

Why is it necessary to obtain Car NOC in India?

As per The Motor Cars Act 1988 (Section 48), the RTO needs to be informed when Car need to be moved to another city or state, which has a different RTO, you need to obtain an NOC which allows you to deregister with your original RTO and re-register with the RTO of your new location. Failing this there is a late fine, cancellation of driving license etc. It is because new RTO will not possess Car's details in their records which will not allow them to ensure you are in adherence to the law.

When should we obtain Car NOC in India?

As stated on Parivahan No Objection Certificate page, It is required to obtain the NOC of Car if Car is required to register outside the jurisdiction of the registering authority

NOC of the Car if owner is travelling from one state to another state for a period of more than 1 year.

NOC of the Car if it is purchased by another individual/company who will be taking it to another state.

PARIVAHAN guidelines for Car NOC in India


    Are you planning to get your Car's NOC ? Understanding the process is crucial for a hassle-free experience. RTO (Regional Transport Office) entails specific guidelines and protocols for a seamless Car NOC. Please remember that Central Motor Car Act laid out several guidelines for Indian states to follow. Afterwards each state has crafted State Motor Car rules to specifically deal with RTO services in particular state. This means that the process varies across states. It is also interesting to note that within state as well, different RTOs may employ different guidelines and procedure.Therefore, it is crucial to specifically read and understand your relevant regional transport office's current guidelines. These guidelines keep changing based on various factors and knowing the latest guidelines is important. Here, we've curated a comprehensive guide to simplify the Car NOC process, ensuring you're well-equipped with the necessary information and steps.

Understanding Car NOC

    Before delving into the intricacies, it's essential to comprehend the significance of Car NOC and the legal implications involved in the process. The Car NOC serves as a vital document that establishes the movement of a Car across RTOs and is a mandatory requirement as per the Motor Cars Act. Not possessing a valid NOC can lead to legal implications for the person possessing the Car. To ensure a legitimate , one must adhere to the guidelines set by the RTO, facilitating a smooth transition of ownership. Some RTOs are ok with online NOC, while others need a physical copy of NOC.

Step-by-Step Process for Car NOC

Document Preparation:

Documents can be basically categoriezed into three categories:
Documents certifying owner's identitity : Buyer AADHAR card, Seller AADHAR card, Attested rent agreement (if applicable), other government identity as applicable.
Dcouments certifying Car's identity and sanity : RC, Pollution certificate, Car insurance, NCRB report etc.
Documents certifying that Car is moving across RTOs : Forms like Form 28 etc as applicable for specific case.

Form Submission:

Understanding the specific forms required for transfer and submitting them with accurate information is critical. Please ensure that you thoroughly check the meaning of every field in the form, before filling. In case if any information is filled wrongly, the file will be rejected by RTO and you will have to visit RTO, maybe multiple times, to get the new application processing. Also, please note that some RTOs have facilitated online form submission thorugh Vahan portal, while other RTOs still require physical forms to be submitted. Also, many RTOs require form to be filled online and then downloaded and printed. Afterwards, you need to send it to the concerend RTO.

Fee Structure:

RTO follows a structured fee system for Car NOC, including transfer fees, smart card fees, and other applicable charges. RTO fee can be classified into two major categories. One is the actual prescribed fee for a particular service like RC transfer , NOC, Hire purchase agreement deletion etc. Another is penality of late fee for certain transactions. Example: If NOC is not used within presecribed 180 days, RTO can levie fine depending on State motor Car rules. This penality varies with RTOs.

Verification Process:

Once documents are submitted to RTO, the designated RTO authorities will verify the documents and clear or reject the file depending upon the case and documents submitted. Some RTOs allow the status to be visible online through Vahan portal, while others require you to physically visit RTO to know the status. Delving into the intricacies of the verification process undertaken by the RTO, we provide insights into the verification timeline and the necessary steps to facilitate a seamless transfer experience.

Common Challenges and Solutions

    The Car NOC process often presents certain challenges, such as documentation errors, delayed verification, or lack of awareness regarding the required paperwork. Our guide addresses these challenges and offers practical solutions to ensure a smooth and efficient transfer process. We highlight the common pitfalls and provide expert advice to mitigate potential hurdles, making the entire process hassle-free for our readers.

Why Choose us for Car NOC?

    At Helpplz, we prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to simplify the Car NOC process with our comprehensive services. With a dedicated team of professionals well-versed in the nuances of RTO procedures, we ensure a seamless and stress-free experience for our clients. Choose us for a reliable, efficient, and transparent Car NOC process, making Car ownership transition a seamless journey.


    In conclusion, a well-informed understanding of the Car NOC process is crucial to ensure a hassle-free and legally sound transition of Car ownership. Our comprehensive guide serves as a one-stop solution, providing detailed insights into the necessary steps, common challenges, and expert tips to facilitate a smooth Car NOC process. With our expert guidance and services, rest assured that your Car NOC experience will be efficient, transparent, and stress-free.

FAQs:No objection certificate

What is the cost of NOC for Vehicle in India?

INR 30/- as a government fees. Please read here the detailed Vehicle No objection certififcate process and Vehicle No objection certififcate process

How many days it takes for getting NOC in India?

15-45 days

How can I get NOC from RTO India?

First you need to request on the government portal then you will get few forms after that you need to submit those forms.

Can I use my Vehicle in other state?

Yes, you can but before that you need to get the NOC from you respective RTO and then get the new number from the other state RTO.

What is the cost of re registration of Vehicle in India?

In India it's not possible to re-register your vehicle.

What is the validity of vehicle NOC in India?

It is always advisable to get the new number from the shifted state RTO as soon as possible but you have 6 months validity after getting the NOC.

What is the charge for NOC cancellation in India?

There's no charges as such for cancelling the NOC but RTO will not cancell it easily.

How can I change my Vehicle Colour in RC in India?

You can repaint your Vehicle with the new colour but you need approval from the RTO for the colour modification made to your Vehicle.

Can we transfer RC from India to UP?

No, you cannot but you can get a NOC from India and then from UP, you can get a new number.

Can I drive my Vehicle in another state in India without NOC?

NOC will not be required, if the duration of travel to another state is less than 3 months but to keep a vehicle in another state for more than 3 months, you must obtain an NOC.

How long can I drive my Vehicle in another state?

NOC will not be required, if the duration of travel to another state is less than 3 months but to keep a vehicle in another state for more than 3 months, you must obtain an NOC.

Please note that the process and requirements may change over time, so it's essential to verify the most up-to-date information from the official state Transport Department website or visit the nearest RTO for any changes in the process, fees, or requirements.

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