Driving license

A driving licence is a vital legal document that authorizes individuals to drive motor vehicles on public roads. Issued by governmental authorities after passing both theoretical and practical tests, it serves as proof of the holder's driving competence and adherence to traffic laws. Driving licences are categorized based on vehicle types, ensuring drivers are certified to operate specific vehicles such as motorcycles, cars, or commercial trucks. Renewal of driving licences is necessary periodically to ensure drivers remain qualified and informed about updated regulations, maintaining road safety standards.


What is the process for Driving Licence in India?

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How to apply for a driving licence and renew a driving licence?

Types of Driving Licences in Delhi.

There are five major types of Driving Licences issued by the Delhi RTO.

Driving Licence for gearless two-wheelers

Driving Licence for geared two-wheelers

Driving Licence for private light motor vehicles

Driving Licence for transport vehicles

Driving Licence for other categories

Driving Licence application process in Delhi

You can follow an online or offline procedure to apply for a Driving Licence in Delhi.

How to apply for a Driving Licence online in Delhi

You need to complete the following steps to apply for a Driving Licence online in Delhi.

Step 1: Visit the official Delhi RTO website and click on “Driving Licence Related Services” to get redirected to the Sarathi portal.

Step 2: Select “Delhi” from the state list and click on the option “Apply for Learner’s Licence”.

Step 3: Fill in the application, upload documents and submit the fee to book a test slot.

Step 4: Take the test on the scheduled date to receive your Learner’s Licence (LL).

Step 5: Now, you can visit the Sarathi platform again and click on “Apply for DL”, and submit your DL application under the option “Holding Learner’s Licence”.

Step 6: Choose a preferred slot after 30 days for a driving test conducted at the RTO.

Step 7: Pay the DL issuance fees online and download the confirmation slip.

Step 8: Visit the selected Delhi RTO on the scheduled date to appear for your driving test.

An official from the RTO will monitor your test and record your biometric information once satisfied with your performance. After that, you will receive your Driving Licence at your home address via post.

What are the documents required?

  • Signed Form 35 - 2 copies
  • NOC issued from bank
  • Self-attested copy of valid insurance
  • Self-attested copy of valid pollution certificate
  • Self-attested copy of owner Aadhaar
  • Original RC

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