Applying for Driving License in Meerut: Process, Fees & Renewal

Obtaining a driving license in Meerut involves following a systematic procedure overseen by the local Regional Transport Office (RTO). Applicants must first apply for a learner's license by submitting required documents such as proof of identity, address, and age. After obtaining the learner's license, they undergo a mandatory learning period and then appear for a driving test. Upon passing the test, applicants receive their full driving license, enabling them to legally drive on Meerut's roads. This process ensures that licensed drivers in Meerut are competent and adhere to road safety regulations.

How to Get a Driving License in Meerut?

Follow these steps to apply for a driving license online in meerut:

• Go to parivahasewa.

• Click on "Online Services" and then choose "Driving License ".

• Select your state - Uttar Pradesh.

• Click on "Apply Online" and then "New Driving License".

• Hit "Continue" and fill out the form with the required details.

• Upload the necessary documents mentioned earlier.

• Pay the application fees.

• Book a slot for your DL test.

• Attend the driving test on the scheduled date and time.

• If you pass the test, your DL will be delivered to your home within 2-3 weeks.

What documents are required to obtain a driving license in Meerut?

You'll need to have:

• Application Form 4.

• Learner's license

• Passport-sized photos

• Application fee

• Proof of age and address like educational certificate, birth certificate, PAN card, Aadhar card, ration card, LIC policy bond, etc.

Who Can Apply for a Driving License in Meerut?

To apply for a driving licence Meerut, the eligibility criteria are :

• You must be 18 years old or above.

• You should have a learner's license.

• You need to understand traffic rules.

What is the Process for Obtaining a Duplicate Driving License in Meerut?

If your licence is lost, stolen or damaged, you may apply for a duplicate driving licence.

• Form for duplicate driving license application

• Documents verifying age and address.

• Information regarding the lost or damaged license.

• A copy of the FIR if it was stolen.

• Fee for the application.

What is the renewal process for a driving license in Meerut?

The documents required for renewing a driving license in Meerut are:

• Application form 9

• Fees for the application.

• Proof of age and address.

• Previous/expired driving license.

What is the procedure for the driving license test in Meerut?

You can't get a driving license without passing a driving test. Usually, there's an inspector who checks your driving skills. You also need to pass a test on traffic rules. Before applying online for a two-wheeler license in Meerut, follow these tips to pass the driving test:

• Learn about traffic rules

• Practice driving

• Know about traffic signals

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